DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

Processual Aesthetics, Processual Editing: Net-Working

documenta 12 magazines, 19 July, 1 pm, documenta 12 Halle

Cultural networking has been embodied in different forms through the various nets of independent publishers. We will focus on the aesthetics and practices of networking, collaborative editing and publishing and how that all ties into what has been called “processual aesthetics”, namely an aesthetics that recognises the material and embodied dimensions of netculture. Strategies of connecting, sharing, improve altogether, meeting on shared goals and then terminating collaborations to start new ones as temporary autonomous zones of production and development. So how do editors really work on the net, and where is the locus of pixel and where is the locus of paper?

Participants: Miren Eraso (Zehar, San Sebastian), Christina MCPhee (-empyre-, Sydney), Patricia Canetti (Canal Contemporâneo, São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro), Moderator: Alessandro Ludovico (Neural, Bari)
in collaboration with

Location: documenta 12 Halle

Language: English