DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

The position of the speaker

documenta 12 magazines, 18 August, 1 pm, documenta 12 Halle

Foto: Isabel Winarsch
The theme for this Lunch Lecture will be the construction and delimitation of a specific figure; the speaking subject. How does this figure emerge through discourse, and what are its functions? What can be said and not said in order for a speaking subject to appear as real, as authentic, as authoritative and/or as truthful? Questions which will also serve as reflections on the current exhibition and the editorial work of magazines: How is truth produced, and subsequently, staged?

With participating editors from Chto Delat (Saint Petersburg/Moscow), Exindex (Budapest), Glänta (Gothenburg) and Vacarme (Paris)

Moderated by Simon Sheikh (Copenhagen/Berlin)

Language: English

In collaboration with LabforCulture.

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